5 Years Warranty with

As Teknotel Chrome Housewares,  we apply a top layer on the CHROME with a very special material to increase the quality and standard of our products. Our coating named CHROME PLUS does not change the chrome color and the brightness. It increases the corrosion resistance by preventing contact with air ,water and chemicals.

In the tests carried out according to the corrosion test specified in the table no 6 of the ISO 1456: 2009 standard, the periods of no corrosion in the test product were determined. For the environment number 2, 48 hours SALT TEST period is stipulated in the test. 2 YEARS WARRANTY can be issued for the products that pass the test.

In the test carried out by INTERTEK, which is accepted by the world, our CHROME PLUS coated product has been tested for 240 hours by exceeding the 48 hours requirement of the relevant standard. The test was terminated after 240 hours with no corrosion still visible. With these values, we are able to provide a 5-Year Warranty for our CHROME PLUS coated product.

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